Lower Level Suites are fully customizable meeting rooms located on the hotel’s meeting space levels. These suites are a “blank slate” which allows the maximum amount of flexibility for companies who require both a display and meeting area.

Lower Level Suites are located in both high impact and low profile areas – and can be offered as open to traffic or appointment only meetings.

Whichever your preference, Lower Level Suites are the perfect place to showcase your products and meet with decision makers in a flexible and customizable space.

Please note: Online registration is not available for those wishing to reserve a Lower Level Suite. You must register using the Lower Level Suite Request form.

Lower Level Suites

Lower Level Suite Benefits
Lower Level Suite Pricing and Floorplans
Model and Mixologist Guidelines

Lower Level Hospitality Suite
Value. We offer pricing options to accommodate most budgets. Unlike Traditional Suites, Lower Level Suites are not subject to room, city or occupancy taxes.

Confirmed Space. Once your Lower Level Suite has been requested, assigned, and paid for, WSWA will provide written confirmation of the room name and location so you may promote the location of your suite in advance of the convention. This benefit is ONLY available with Lower Level Suites.

Easy Move-in/Move-out. No hotel room check-in or check-out pressure. In most instances, Lower Level Suite keys can be picked up as early as 8:30 am on the selected move-in day.

Variety. Lower Level Suites are available in a variety of sizes; some have permanent board tables.

Fully Customizable. Lower Level Suites are fully customizable. You can arrange for hotel provided furnishings* (banquet tables and chairs) or work with an outside vendor to create your ideal meeting and product display space. WSWA’s preferred vendor, Destinations by Design can offer suite layout and decor options. Contact information for WSWA preferred vendors can be found by clicking on the Contacts tab here.

*There is no rental fee for basic hotel furniture set-ups (i.e., banquet tables, chairs and standard linen) however a $250 food and beverage minimum must be met.

Rapid Response. Lower Level Suites offer the convenience associated with faster delivery of your alcohol beverage product and a rapid response to last minute requests from hotel catering for refreshes, glassware, ice, food and beverage, etc.

No Elevators. No elevators means less wait time and more CONVENIENCE for you and your customers!

Visibility. Lower Level Suites can be located in high or low visibility areas depending on your preference. Suites can be open to all registrants or closed for “by appointment only” meetings.

Wine & Spirits Tasting Competitions. Lower Level Suite holders may enter the Wine & Spirits Tasting and Mixology Competition.

There is nominal administrative fee of $35 per entry to participate in the Wine & Spirits Tasting Competition. Go to the competitions tab for more information and entry forms.

Questions? For more Information on Lower Level Suites, contact: Cindy Nachman-Senders

Lower Level Suite Pricing Floor Plans

Lower Level Suite Floor Plans

Click here for an expanded view of the Lower Level Suite floorplans for the WSWA 77th Annual Convention & Exposition.

Model and Mixologist Guidelines
  • Model Registration Form
  • Mixologist Registration Form 
  • Exhibiting companies are responsible for hiring their own models and bartender/mixologists.
  • Exhibiting companies are limited to two models and one bartender/mixologist per 10’x10’ booth and four models and two bartender/mixologists per 10’x20’ booth.
  • A model is defined as a person who has been hired by a talent agency, is not an employee or family member of the exhibitor and is hired to assist the exhibitor in promoting the company, product and/or service in the Exhibit Halls.
  • Bartender/Mixologists may be hired to represent the exhibiting company in the competitions or to assist in the exhibit booth.
  • All models and mixologists must have a badge.
  • Model and mixologist badges are for professional models/mixologists only and cannot be used by employees, friends or family of the exhibiting company.  Failure to comply with this restriction may result in confiscation of model/mixologist badges for the duration of the convention.
  • Model/Mixologist badges allow access to the Exhibit Halls and Taste of the Industry only. This badge does not provide access to any other WSWA events or meetings.
  • WSWA retains the right to deny or confiscate model badges for any behavior, attire or action that WSWA, in its sole discretion, deems inappropriate. The model/mixologist registration fee may be refunded at WSWA’s discretion.
  • All models MUST be 21 years old or older and may be asked to provide proof of age.