To view interactive floorplans, please click here.


Click here to access our interactive floorplans to select your space, please note there are two exhibit halls(s), Octavius and Augustus Ballrooms. The interactive floorplan will note all booths that are sold or are currently on hold.

Once you select your space, click on the booth, and follow the prompts to pay online. Your booth will be placed on hold until WSWA can confirm and approve your participation. If WSWA finds that you do not qualify to participate a 100% refund will be issued.

Prefer to use the interactive PDF Exhibitor Request, Registration & Housing Form as opposed to making your request online? The interactive floor plan will note all booths that have been sold or that are on hold. When completing the Exhibitor Request, Registration & Housing form, be certain to provide three booth location preferences. Return the completed form to WSWA per the instructions noted. A WSWA convention staff member will confirm the space assigned by email.

Once your booth is confirmed, your company’s designated point of contact will receive important e-mails containing the following information:

1) Link to register your exhibit booth personnel and reserve hotel rooms.

2) Link to update and edit your online company profile. This information will be listed in the Buyer’s Guide & Exhibitor Listing which will be provided to all attendees at the convention.

3) The Exhibit Service Manual which includes important information and instructions on:

  • Beverage Alcohol Product Handing Guidelines and Product Destination Labels
  • Point-of-sale freight handling
  • Booth furnishings
  • Signage
  • Audio-visual rental
  • Internet access
  • Catering information to include food and beverage and bar supplies such as mixers, ice and glassware
  • Shipping labels for point-of-sale materials
  • Model agency information (CMT Agency)
  • Lead Retrieval Form (ExpoBadge)

Exhibit Booth Terms & Agreement

You must sign and return the Exhibitor Booth Terms & Agreement no later than two weeks after confirmation of your booth space. Failure to return the signed agreement may result in forfeiture of booth space.